The Sense of the People’s Science

The human communities had been facing challenges and been responding with the solutions after critical analyses, mature responses, and solid philosophies. Though taking a longer time period and through evolution but the results were always easy to understand, interesting to implement and accurate to target the challenge. The people’s science is a great art which is proved with ages and many circles of generations.

As an example, was can talk about the health science (people’s health science), it is totally based on the concept of symbiosis, wellness of all, hot & cold nature of the product, human nature, prevailing environment, the territory of the living and so on. The Philosophy of Symbiosis and Gut’s Role in Natural Health

The techniques of the people’s science are free of side effects, locally manageable/available, cheaper in prices, exclusion of the mega companies and symbiotic to the person and environment both.

I would expect from the world scientists, philosophers, thinkers, policy makers, educationist, and politicians to think about this neglected part of human culture and heritage and give the proper place so that the modern ideas go hand in hand with the previous people’s science.


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